Wine Comparison

Wine XP, new project by Wine Xin

How many wine workshops have you attended that is more keen on selling you wines than making you informed? Have you ever attended a non-merchant organised wine workshop? Wine XP is neither merchant organised, and we are not selling wines.

What is Wine XP?

Wine eXPerience, or Wine Xin Personalise, Wine XP is a consumer-centric project focusing on delivering experience to people who want to learn wines in a non-compelling, yet engaging environment. We run our wine workshops in a small group, theme-specific learning, and wines specifically picked from offerings by different merchants.

The guiding principles revolve around “Experiential, Informational and Educational”. At our workshops, participants do not sit in just to listen how professionals taste and appreciate wines. Instead, we focus on what is available on the retail market. We answer real-life questions that you always want to know.

The difference between Prosecco and Champagne? Styles of white wines available? What does it mean when a sparkling wine label says Dry, Brut, or Extra-Brut?

At the end of the session, we want our audience to have more confidence in knowing what they want, and how to get it. If there is a wine you don’t like, just say so! No political correctness about it.

Workshop are held once a month, and the topic changes to give more breath to the audience who are interested in wines. Email me at this{dot}is{at} Join us to rediscover wines.